Weekend Retreat:  Stillness, Energy, and Insight,  An Immersion Experience in Insight Meditation

When:  March 13-15, 2020

Where:  1440 Multiversity

Description:  Have you been moving on autopilot, driven by “habit energy”? In our busy modern lives, opportunities to engage in deep and sustained self-inquiry are rare-but life-changing. Mindful inquiry can revolutionize your understanding of self and transform how you exist in the world.

Join seasoned meditation and dharma teacher Will Kabat-Zinn for an intensive yet lighthearted approach to mindfulness. Step away from the busyness of your day-to-day, calm your restlessness, and look deeply into the nature of your experience in order to give rise to new ways of living, breathing, and being.

This immersive weekend retreat will include alternating periods of guided sitting, walking, and moving meditation, with an emphasis on bringing vivid awareness into each moment.

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The Way of Awareness Retreat

When: May 10-15, 2020

Where: Omega Institute, Rhinebeck NY

Registration for this event is not yet open