Stillness, Energy, and Insight: An immersion experience in mindfulness meditation

Location: 1440 Multiversity

Dates: March 15-17, 2019 (two nights)

Tuition: $325 (accommodations priced separately)

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Deep Absorption, Vivid clarity: living Insight meditation

Mondays 2:15- 5:00 PM in Berkeley

October 15- December 10 (9 weeks)

Fee: $650

This intensive will be held in the spirit of a daily life retreat. Together we will explore what happens when we commit to practicing meditation consistently and intensively in the midst of our daily lives and doing this with the support of a teacher and a strong practice cohort. In the in-person sessions, we will explore selected teachings from the early Buddhist traditions, dialogue with each other about discoveries and challenges that arise in the practice, and look deeply into the nature and process of our own minds. In addition to deepening in the formal practice, there will be an emphasis on bringing mindfulness and clear comprehension into all aspects of one’s life. Some reading will be assigned.

This intensive will be limited to 25 people.

(registration for this event is now closed)