Weekend Retreat:  Stillness, Energy, and Insight,  An Immersion Experience in Insight Meditation

When:  March 13-15, 2020

Where:  1440 Multiversity

This retreat is an invitation to step away from the business of everyday life and engage in deep and sustained self-inquiry, an inquiry that may revolutionize your sense of who you are and transform the way you live in the world. Join Will Kabat-Zinn for an intensive immersion in mindfulness practice. Mindful awareness invites a life of clear seeing and choice-full action in alignment with your deepest values.

In this immersive weekend retreat, you will engage in alternating periods of guided sitting, walking, and moving meditations, with an emphasis on bringing vivid awareness into every moment of your day. There will be a systematic unfolding of meditation instructions, teachings on the principles and applications of practice, and periods for questions and dialogue to support you in navigating the territory of your own mind and body, in whatever condition they may be. Mindfulness is a vehicle for waking up here and now and for meeting life with fearlessness, and love.

This retreat has an extended schedule that goes beyond the usual 1440 schedule and includes early morning and evening sessions.

To find out more information and register please follow this link.

The Way of Awareness Retreat: Cultivate a practice of mindfulness in your daily life with Will Kabat-Zinn and Jon Kabat-Zinn.

When: May 10-15, 2020

Where: Omega Institute, Rhinebeck NY

Mindfulness is often spoken of as “the heart of Buddhist meditation.” However, its essence is universal. As the Theravadan monk and Buddhist scholar, Nyanaponika Thera, put it in his classic work, The Heart of Buddhist Meditation, mindfulness is the unfailing master key for knowing the mind, and is thus the starting point; the perfect tool for shaping our relationship to the mind, and is thus the focal point; and the lofty manifestation of the achieved freedom of the mind, and is thus the culminating point.

Mindfulness has everything to do with open-hearted attention to the unfolding of experience as it is. In most Asian languages, the word for “mind” and the word for “heart” are the same word. Therefore, we can understand mindfulness better if we simultaneously hear it as heartfulness and cultivate it in that way. During this retreat, we will be cultivating intimacy with our own experience as the days unfold, letting life itself become the curriculum.

We will be engaging in a range of formal and informal meditation practices, including the body scan, various forms of guided movement, sitting meditation, and walking meditation. There will be an emphasis on the cultivation of mindfulness in all daily activities to foster a seamless continuity of life and practice. The applications of mindfulness in the face of the full catastrophe of the human condition, including stress, pain, illness, our own tacit assumptions, implicit biases, and the challenges of social inequity will be emergent themes.

You can find out more information and register for this event here