In each of the Buddha’s discourses on the progressive path to enlightenment, the first step is always the practice of generosity.”  –Joseph Goldstein

The practice of mindful generosity in the community allows us to connect with the immediacy of ourselves and other humans. We can experience through others what it is to be hungry and suffering. We can experience in ourselves the noble mind states of respecting, caring and giving. As a group, the Sangha helps to feed homeless people in Berkeley in two different efforts:

Dinners for Homeless Youth

We prepare and serve a dinner twice monthly to youth at the Y.E.A.H. shelter at 1744 University Avenue. Volunteers show up to cook 6 pm to 8 and then serve until 9:30 pm.

Sign up for the second or last Saturday each month! If you want to participate or find out more, contact Richard Hoyer for details: rhoyer@hoyerlaw.com or click here to sign up.

Find out more about the shelter at yeah-berkeley.org