New Year Meditation Intensive
Jan 27- March 16, 2020 (No meeting on Feb 17)
Mondays, Noon-2:30 pm
Fee: $650

Registration for this event is now closed

Participants commit to attending all sessions and to doing at least one hour of formal meditation practice (sitting and/or walking) daily for the duration of the course. If you know in advance that you need to miss one session, please indicate this on the application.

The Patterns that Bind and the Way of Freedom: Understanding and transforming psychological defenses with mindfulness.

Each one of us has ways of avoiding experience that we have learned or developed over time. We use them to protect or distance ourselves from unpleasant, overwhelming or threatening feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and experiences. In Western psychology, these patterns are referred to as psychological defenses. These defensive patterns are not inherently problematic, but when unseen they can greatly limit or restrict the scope of our life, awareness, and personal freedom.

The way of mindfulness orients us towards meeting our moment to moment experience with wisdom, clear-seeing, intimacy, and care. It is a gradual cultivation that allows us to slowly replace our patterned defenses with a more reliable protection, a stable heart that can meet life fully as it is.

In this intensive, we will nurture a steady and continuous practice of mindfulness over two months and including our patterned and habitual defenses in what we see. You will learn about and be invited to explore some classical defenses from both Western and Buddhist psychology. In meeting your life as it is, you will inevitably notice the strategies you habitually employ to avoid reality and/or cope with feelings and experiences you don’t yet know how to meet. Each of us has our own unique patterns and experience and thus the true curriculum for these two months will be your own moment-to-moment experience both on the cushion and in your work, relationships and daily activities. This intensive will be in the form of a non-residential retreat with a weekly in-person meeting, some modest reading homework, small group dialogue and inquiry, and a commitment to at least an hour of formal meditation every day. We will emphasize bringing mindful awareness into all aspects of our lives.
I look forward to practicing with you!