2019 Fall Intensive: The Way of Awareness

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Mondays, October 7- November 25 Noon-2:30 pm.

Fee: $650

The Commitment: Participants commit to attending all sessions and to doing at least one hour of formal meditation practice (sitting and/or walking) daily for the duration of the course. If you know in advance that you need to miss one session, please indicate that on the application.

The Way of Awareness:
This intensive will be held in the spirit of a daily life retreat. Awareness is already fully present as the ground of all being and experience, but we have become experts in forgetting this thereby neglecting our deepest nature and true home. A retreat is a time when we give priority to awareness, commit to repeatedly recognizing and abiding in our own inherent wakefulness. In a retreat, we sign up for the course that our life presents in all the exhilarating and humbling learning that flows from direct knowing and inquiry.

Various traditions refer to our deepest nature as, the Nature of Mind, pure awareness, true nature, essence, Buddha-nature, the Self, Nibbana. We will explore in our own direct experience what these traditions are referring to, what is this simple awareness that allows all experience to be known and what is its relationship to what we call I, me, myself? In addition to deepening in the formal practice, there will be an emphasis on bringing mindfulness and clear comprehension into all aspects and domains of our lives, fostering a seamless continuity of life and practice. In the in-person sessions, we will explore selected teachings from a number Buddhist and other meditative traditions, dialogue with each other about discoveries and challenges that arise in the practice and look deeply into the nature and process of our own minds. I will introduce a graduated practice method that is suitable in different ways to both newer students of meditation and seasoned practitioners. I am excited to enter this retreat with you!